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We work with organisations across both public and private sectors.  From SMEs to Not for Profits, From Social Enterprise to Government Agencies.  We love the diverse nature of our clients.

If there is purposeful work to be done, we are consultants that love to be a useful part of your journey.  We bring the right experts in at the right time to support any size or type of project.  As expert generalists, Oyster Workshop brings a vibrant and pragmatic approach to your project.

Oyster Workshop works under three key purpose areas.  They are,  the navigation of pathways, execution of strategy and cultivation of people and networks, we like to see things get done.


There can be great strategy and then not so great execution.

Making positive impact requires great delivery of plans.  We can support internal teams through an execution phase or manage it for you. Our role is to supply your organisation with the added capability and capacity to get things moving in the right direction.

Projects may support significant change, shifts or pivots. They may be unlocking roadblocks or supporting the management of a short sharp outcome.  We tailor our services to the needs of an organisation.

Our focus is to consider both the ‘head’ and the ‘heart’ throughout our time with an organisation. We remain agile and transparent throughout.  Our aim is to ensure that results stick and can be sustained long after we have gone.


Cultivation reaches across your organisation and beyond. We cultivate your network to create robust relationships that last far beyond our time with an organisation.

With so many people doing great things, we want to help build connections, cultivate authentic relationships that help bridge gaps to build purposeful solutions.

Cultivation can also be the building of capabilities within your own organisation through our work.  This is often an organic process.  We bring people along for the journey with us, sharing our knowledge, taking time to explain options and transfer our knowledge to your organisation.  We like to leave knowing there is improved capability.

We also cultivate our own network.  Taking time to build relationships with like minded people with wide ranging experiences and skill sets.  Then we can cultivate them into our client networks and beyond.

By developing your internal people and external networks Oyster is a partner to build your organisations capability and capacity levels at every step of our journey with you.

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Oyster Workshop

We love to chat. We also love coffee just quietly! Feel free to contact us anytime to discuss how Oyster Workshop can help navigate best pathways, execute effectively, cultivate people and build networks.

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Sarah Rennie | Oyster Workshop

Sarah Rennie



With an eclectic set of experiences and skills over a 20+ career, Sarah just loves to watch Oyster unfold and develop its delivery of purposeful change to awesome organisations.

Before venturing off the traditional career trajectory, Sarah held the position of CEO at one of New Zealand’s leading retail design companies.  This journey had started as a retail assistant in a lighting shop many years ago and what followed would be a rather tradition climb through the ranks in retail and manufacturing industries across several awesome New Zealand owned companies.  So much was experienced (both amazing and not so amazing) and knowledge gained through this journey.

It’s been an interesting road to get to Oyster Workshop, which included time working with digital start ups in the youth and wellbeing spaces.  Passion for purposeful work was really ignited whilst working within these organisations, and a lot learned about digital, youth, community, start-ups, funding and the public sector.  What an awesome pivot – and slightly scary journey!

There has been plenty of failure and a lot of successes along the way.  This learning, unlearning and relearning is what we can now offer our clients.  This huge set of experiences allows us to have a solid head start as projects come our way.

I get to do awesome things like judge at a Prime Minister Pacific Youth Awards, talk at a Ministry of Education Future Forum and just generally continue to listen and learn from awesome people.

My network is full of great people doing good things with a lot of really honed expertise.  We have curated the best of the best experts, that have the same values and desire to support purposeful change work, so that we can bring the right people in at the right time to support our clients.

Give me a call anytime!